Polycom 2200-46162-025 VVX 410 IP Phone Review

The Polycom 2200-46162-025 VVX 410 IP Phone comes with a large 3.5” color screen that gives you a wide angle of view; you can actually see eight menu items at a go. This phone can be paired with 12 lines which greatly reduces your operational costs . As long as your phone is connected to the Internet, you can always reach out to different departments within your enterprise.

As a matter of fact, the phone can be used in almost any part of the world. The 12 speed dial keys can be configured to enter data in Asian languages. The phone therefore gives you the ability to exploit opportunities that are far and wide. If the 12 lines are not enough for your business, you can add more users using the VVX expansion module.

Polycom 2200-46162-025 VVX 410 IP Phone has HD-audio quality that guarantees calls that are free from echoes and other unwanted noise interruptions. When you pick up the handset to answer a call, the speaker eliminates all the surrounding noise, which makes the caller and the receiver feel like they are talking face-to-face. You can do other minor duties while on call because the handset cord is designed to be flexible.

Additionally, calls can be answered on the headset or via a speakerphone. With this phone, you don’t have to be tethered around your office due to the fact that the calls can be redirected to any mobile device that connects to the Internet.


  • Remote missed call notification
  • Media encryption via SRTP
  • Multilingual user interface
  • 2 x Ethernet 10/100 or gig Ethernet
  • 3.5” display screen
  • Supports 12 lines
  • HD audio quality
  • Speakerphone
  • Called, calling, connected party details
  • Call transfer, hold, forward, pickup
  • Call timer and call waiting


While there are a few other VoIP phones support call recording, they need to be connected to a call manager application for this feature to be enabled. The recorded call will then be stored in your voicemail mailbox. This approach may pose a few challenges with the main one being limited storage capacity on the central voicemail system. The Polycom VVX 410 stores recorded calls to local USB drive. In addition to that, the phone will track and display the number of call recording hours are remaining.

Corporate directories and calendars can be accessed from the phone when you integrate it with your Microsoft Exchange server. The integrity of your corporate directory can be guaranteed because it will only be available in read only mode. Users will however have the freedom to update contact details once they’re saved to a local phonebook.

The phone can be configured to require a user’s user-id and password before they can make calls. While this feature may prevent unauthorized access of the phone, it also improves user mobility within your organization. Personalized user settings such as contact directories, call record history and other settings will be loaded regardless of which phone a user logs onto.  

A lot of thought has been put into creating an exceptional user experience on this IP phone. You can use your computer’s mouse and keyboard to navigate screens and enter information on your phone. To access this feature, users will be required to install the Polycom Desktop Connector (PDC) on their computer. The Polycom VVX 410 menu has impressive multilingual support. It supports English, French, Korean, German, Japanese and several other languages. Perfect for environments have diverse cultural backgrounds.


  • No power supply
  • No Bluetooth


The Polycom 2200-46162-025 VVX 410 IP Phone will change the way you do business. Speed dialing will no longer be a problem because there are 12 keys reserved for that purpose.

The twelve busy line field keys enable you to notify callers when you don’t want to be disturbed and transfer calls to another line. When other lines that are supported by the phone are engaged, you can see the caller ID and their details. You can even see how long the call lasted. With this phone, you can read emails and messages and listen to recorded voicemails.


The Polycom 2200-46162-025 VVX 410 IP Phone is a reliable device that gives you the convenience of answering your phone on mobile devices. There are other phones on the market that meet the same standards. They include the Yealink SIP-T48G Gbit VoIP Phone and the Cisco IP Phone Cable Wall Mountable.

For a start, the Yealink SIP-T48G Gbit VoIP Phone comes with a touchscreen display. It makes you feel like you’re using a tablet or a smartphone. With such a feature, making calls and writing text messages becomes a walk in the park. There is still a numeric keypad for keying in the contact details of your callers.

The phone supports 16 VoIP accounts. You can therefore build your own phone network from scratch; all you have to do is add user accounts. Increasing and reducing the number of users is pretty simple—just follow the steps outlined in the user’s manual. The phone has a gigabit Ethernet port for connecting it to a computer; you therefore don’t have to buy cables.

When you see an incoming call, you have the option of forwarding it to another line or receiving it via the speakerphone or using the headset. Calls that are made in your absence are recorded as voicemails so that you can play them back when you return. The 3-way audio conferencing allows you to attend meetings remotely. Besides that, there is an auto-attendant that answers calls when you’re away.

The Cisco IP Phone Cable Wall Mountable comes with a 5” LCD screen. The display has backlight to enable you see the menu items in the dark. The good thing about the phone is that it can be mounted on a wall. The phone is fitted with a gigabit Ethernet port that’s meant for linking it to a computer. This means that the computer serves as your extension.

All conversations that are made on the phone are protected through encryption. Even the messages and fax can’t be accessed by the wrong recipient. With this phone, you will not be paying monthly bills because it uses the Internet to keep you connected. You can forward or hold a call as you will. There is a home button for navigating the phone menu.


These are so far the best VoIP phones in this category. The Polycom 2200-46162-025 VVX 410 IP Phone is certainly the best deal on the list. The phone supports 12 lines and comes with HD sound system. The downside is that it lacks a power supply for powering it when there is no electricity. The Yealink SIP-T48G Gbit VoIP Phone is the second best deal. The phone can support up to 16 lines.

Besides that, the phone comes with dedicated busy line field keys that are also used for speed dialing. The downside is that it lacks a power supply. The Cisco IP Phone Cable Wall Mountable is at the bottom of this ranking. The phone supports the least number of users. Moreover, it comes without a power supply and Bluetooth for linking it with other devices. But it’s still a nice phone that can be installed on a wall.

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