Obihai OBi1022 IP Phone Review

One of the major breakthroughs in the field of communication is the development of Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP which allows access to voice communication to and from any place in the world. This has not only improved the quality of communication and made long distance communication possible, it also made it a lot less expensive.

Before, when you made a phone call to someone who is situated halfway across the globe, it would cost you a fortune. Now, with VoIP technology, the issue of shocking phone bills is a thing of the past. Since this technology utilizes the internet as its backbone for sending and receiving information, you are basically just being charged for your internet usage for a certain period of time.

Obihai is an established player in the VoIP industry. Their flagship VoIP endpoint devices proved to be extremely popular with residential users. The success of the OBi202 could be attributed to the fact that it delivered the reliability of a traditional phone but saves on cost. With the introduction of business IP phones to its product range, the company seeks to make an impact in the enterprise market. The Obihai OBi1022 IP Phone is a best-seller not only because of its affordable price but also because it comes with a useful set of features.

Key Features

The Obihai OBi1022 IP Phone is one of the most recommended IP phones in the market not just because of its reasonable price but because of this amazing set of features as well.

  • Crystal Clear Call Quality with the High-definition Voice Technology
  • Exclusive OBiTALK Service Configuration and Cloud Management for storage optimization
  • Easy Navigation with its large and vivid color display
  • User-friendly phone with configured themes and multi-dimensional navigation for convenient phone setup
  • Loud and Clear Sound production with Full-duplex speakerphone that comes with a built-in Amplifier and Audio Equalizer
  • Dual-switched Ethernet Ports and Power over Ethernet support


Considered as one of the best IP phones in the market today, the Obihai OBi1022 IP Phone provides unrivaled call quality. The phone supports wide-band audio giving users clear calls with absolutely no static. The benefits of HD calls are apparent to users who handle large call volumes. Most people report that it is easier to recognize voices and distinguish confusing sounds. This ends up reducing listener fatigue, making users more productive. It is however worth noting that both calling and receiving VoIP endpoints need to support High Definition technology.  

In addition to supporting up to 6 VoIP service accounts (SIP and Google Voice), it gives you access to the OBiTalk network. This allows you to make free peer to peer calls to other OBi devices connected to the internet. The OBiTalk network uses a proprietary protocol to relay calls and configuration to OBi devices. In addition to getting a free VoIP number, users can make free calls within the US and Canada when a Google Voice account configured. 

Like other products from Obihai, installation and configuration of the phone is relatively simple. To get started you will need to register an account on the OBiTalk portal. Log in to your account on the portal and associate the OBi1022 with your account. You can then configure your IP phone via the ObiTalk cloud management platform from a web browser. These remote management features allow IT and support staff to access, manage and troubleshoot the device from any location. Furthermore, the device firmware is updated automatically as soon as new features are available. As a result, it provides an enhanced and superb user experience.

USB, bluetooth and Wi-Fi options are available for connecting to external devices. OBiBT and OBiWiFi adapters are sold separately for wireless connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity can be used to either connect to a mobile phone or a wireless headset. When the IP phone is paired to a mobile phone over bluetooth, it can be used to synchronize contacts. In addition to that, calls to your mobile phone can be answered on the OBi1022.

The Obihai OBi1022 IP Phone it is very easy to hold, transfer, pick-up and conference calls. It has 11 programmable keys which allow a customizable setup for a more convenient user experience. Its user-friendly interface makes it easily adaptable to the job and, of course, the user. It is designed for increased efficiency, making call management an easy task.


One excellent feature of the Obihai OBi1022 IP Phone is the fact that it can be configured through different means – phone, local IP access, and the OBiTALK website. The catch is that changes applied from different platforms are not always completely in sync.

How do I connect to Google Voice?

It is safe to say that the main reason behind the popularity of the OBi1022 is the seamless integration with Google Voice. The process of connecting your Google Voice account on your IP phone is easily done on the OBiTalk portal.

  • Log into the OBiTalk portal and select “Add device on the left hand menu”.
  • Then dial the code displayed on the portal from your IP phone. This step will associate the phone with your account.

Add your IP phone to OBiTalk

  • Add your Google Voice Account details when prompted.

Obi1022 Configuring Google Voice


The Obihai OBi1022 IP Phone showcases excellent call functions, not to mention convenient configuration of phone settings. Its performance is more than what can be expected from an IP phone at its price point. From the high-def crystal calling experience, to its easily programmable keys and user-friendly interface, this phone is undoubtedly designed to provide enhanced user experience as far as voice calling is concerned.


The Obi1022 IP Phone is one of the best models from Obihai for business users. Comparing other make and models like the Yealink SIP-T46G, it has nothing on Obi1022 IP Phone’s cloud management feature.

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