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Revolabs 10-FLX2-200-VOIP Wireless VoIP Review

The Revolabs 10-FLX2- 200-VOIP Wireless VoIP is one of the more popular wireless conference phones, but is it the one you need? The FLX 2 is a high end conference phone, so one would expect a solid feature set and dependable performance. Does the FLX 2 give you that?

There are a lot of conference phones available, so it’s only natural to ask if there is anything on the FLX 2 that sets it apart from the others. In this review we’re going to take a close look at the FLX 2, its features, performance and who this conference phone is really for.


  • The FLX 2 is built with the latest technology to provide clear audio regardless where you are in the room. Some conference phones work only when they’re positioned in certain spots, but the FLX 2 gives you the flexibility to set the unit anywhere you want.
  • The FLX 2 is built with versatility in mind. Aside from offices, the FLX 2 is designed to work in conference rooms, SoHo and other locations. A lot of other conference phones work only for specific environments. With the FLX 2, it’s easy to set up and use in different ways.
  • It is equipped with Revolabs technology, ensuring the unit is optimized for the best performance. A lot of things can go wrong with a conference phone, such as poor audio, signal interference and so on. Revolabs is fully aware of that, and the FLX 2 is built to deal with those issues.
  • The unit comes with a couple of microphones in VoIP phone interface. These are not ordinary microphones, as they have been designed to provide the best results possible.
  • The FLX 2 has full Bluetooth capabilities, and it is compatible with mobile devices.
  • The FLX 2 provides you with clear audio using Revolabs’ proprietary technology.
  • The wireless microphones on the FLX 2 have been designed so your calls won’t be interrupted by GSM noise. These microphones are also invulnerable to other mobile devices.
  • The FLX 2 puts a lot of emphasis on security. Unlike other systems that just use low level encryption technology, the FLX 2 relies on 128 bit encryption. What this means is no one will be able to listen to the signal as it is being transmitted between the base station and the microphone.
  • The FLX 2 offers 8 hours of talk time when fully charged. Charging doesn’t take too long, so that’s another advantage the FLX 2 has to offer. The features on the FLX 2 conference phone shows that it is meant for professional, heavy duty use. As we’ll see in the following section, the FLX 2 doesn’t disappoint either.


The FLX 2 has clear audio, and for many that’s really the only thing that matters. You can change the arrangement of the speaker and the microphone, but the sound quality is always good. If you have used other conference phones, you will notice the difference in terms of clarity.

You can use the FLX 2 for private calls via the handset. Even on extended calls, the audio quality doesn’t change. Another benefit of the FLX 2 is you get full support for both video and audio conferencing. This might not seem like a big deal, but this helps cut down the number of equipment used for conferencing. The less of these used, the more cost effective operation becomes.

The FLX 2 works fine as is, but you can expand its functionality by using other FLX microphones. Keep in mind though that you can only utilize two of these simultaneously.

As a wireless Bluetooth and IP conference phone, the FLX 2 is more than capable of delivering top notch performance without any compromise in the ease of use department. Another important feature on the FLX 2 is the microphones we had mentioned earlier. The two microphones on the FLX 2 are omnidirectional tabletop, i.e. they are capable of 360 degree pickups. This allows the FLX 2 to capture speeches around and above the microphone.

True to the claim, the FLX 2 does not get hampered by GSM noise that other mobile devices are emitting. As far as security is concerned, the 128 bit encryption means your conversation is private.

For a lot of people and companies, privacy is a huge issue, so its encryption is one of the most important features the FLX 2 has to offer.

Who is the Revolabs 10-FLX2- 200 For?

The FLX 2 is for those who need a conference phone in small or medium offices or conference rooms. The unique design of the FLX 2 gives it better flexibility than other conference phones. This is also what you’ll need if you use conference phones with PCs. With other units, connecting the two can be difficult, but the ports on the FLX 2 make it easy.

The FLX 2 is the best option for those who are looking for superior functionality not found in regular conference phones. We also have to point out Revolabs customer support is pretty good and has received good feedback from customers. While emphasis is on performance, the FLX 2 has a beautiful design that complements the modern look.

Bottom line: if you need a good conference phone, the FLX 2 is going to live up to your expectations. Its versatility will also appeal to a lot of users.


  • Easy to use
  • Audio is clear
  • Built for long term use
  • Good customer support


  • You have to remove the speaker off the base before dialing
  • Cannot use Wi-Fi to connect to an IP network


The Revolabs 10-FLX2- 200-VOIP Wireless VoIP is an outstanding conference phone. There are a lot of these sold online, but few are able to match the FLX 2 when it comes to performance, quality and dependability. At this point you’re probably wondering if it’s worth getting a high end conference phone, and we can say the answer is yes. With the FLX 2 you’re assured of getting a quality conference phone that will last a long time.

Snom Meeting Point SIP Conference Phone 2040 Review

Conference room

Meetings are the bread-and-butter of any business. You’ll need to meet with your clients, your employees, and your business partners. However, meetings are not always easy to set-up especially if your clients or business partners are halfway across the world. With the global reach of businesses nowadays, you may have to talk with people in China or in Europe. Even your employees may find meetings inconvenient. Out-of-town meet ups can consume time and effort as well.

One of the best ways to resolve this issue is to resort to conference calls. Conference calls allow for bringing people from all over the world together despite the limitations of distance. The main limitation to it is the hardware. Fortunately, there is a wide range of conference call phones being sold on the market. One of the products that you can potentially purchase is the Snom Meeting Point Conference Phone.

Sold by Snom Technology AG, this VoIP phone uses Voice over Internet Protocol to set-up meetings. It uses the IETF-standard Session Initiation Protocol to set-up conference calls. Snom products have over 20 years of design experience behind them so you can be sure that their products will please users.


The Snom Meeting Point VoIP Conference Phone has quite a few features that make it a good purchase for those looking for a good conference phone. Designed for use in middle to large conference rooms, it can handle up to 10 people in your telephone conferences, with a recording range of 30 square meters.

Furthermore, add-on microphones can increase this coverage area. Thanks to noise suppression quality and its 360-degree microphone pickup, there is no risk of any miscommunication or garbled audio. This is supplemented by the fact that the MeetingPoint uses three speakers to broadcast sound effectively. Equipped with full duplex broadband audio, this gives clear and balanced sound so that your conference call will become a success.

It is not just the audio features that will please a buyer of the MeetingPoint phone. There are additional features that are unique to Snom phones. All of them use Snom firmware which give you access to additional functionality like Snom Flexor CTI or the Snom OCS edition.

CTI functionality alone can give let you integrate your phone directly with your computer. This can let you use advanced call functions like call routing, call forwarding, and call recording. It even allows for multiple SIP registration, which means you can be part of the conference call even inside your own office.

Plus, since all Snom phones share firmware, your office phone network can work smoothly with each other using the latest technologies in the field like traversal of network address translators telephone number mapping, and virtual private networks.

Security is also a key part of the Snom conference call experience. Using VoIP can make you vulnerable to external hackers. Snom phones use security features that are based on the two VoIP security standards, RFC 5246 and RFC 3711. Some of them even integrate wireless encryption. You can be sure that your calls are safe from anyone potentially listening in.

Snom also provides physical security for the device via a Kensington security slot. Considering that the MeetingPoint is conveniently portable and weighs only a kilogram, you’ll want to ensure that no one just puts it in their bag and walks away.


There are several advantages to using the MeetingPoint. You’ll want to consider them before you make your final purchase.

  • The conference phone uses VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol is a lot easier to use than your standard phone line hookup. Instead of connecting it to your local phone system, all that you need to is to connect it to your broadband network. It will require large bandwidth for calls, but businesses should be using high bandwidths anyway. The main advantage of using VoIP is that it is easy to use and it is a lot less expensive than your traditional phone call. With standard international calls, you will be probably be charged an arm and a leg. With VoIP, you’re already paying for your Internet connection so that should make it simple.
  • The MeetingPoint has a great user interface. The Snom firmware that all phones use is pretty easy to understand. It helps that the phone comes with a simple quickstart guide that should get you up and running in a few minutes. The background-lit graphical LCD presents the phone’s current status easily and the simple keypad is intuitive enough to navigate. Organizing a conference call was never so easy.
  • Another advantage of the MeetingPoint is that it integrates well with other Snom phones. All Snom phones are compatible with other SIP-based telephone systems and system components. This means that if your current office system already hosts another telephone system, integrating it should be easy enough. It supports open-source SIP platforms like Asterisk, SER, sipXecs, and IP-PBX systems. Other companies that uses these systems include BroadSoft, Epygi, MetaSwitch, Pandora, and many more.


It is not all sunshine and roses with the MeetingPoint phone, however. There are few problems with Snom phones in general, so you’ll need to be aware of them before making your purchase.

  • The firmware updates can be hit-or-miss. Just like any other hardware supplier that ships out updates, sometimes they solve problems. Other times, they can be the cause of problems. You will probably need to contact customer support a lot for those times.
  • The phone is based around VoIP. If you don’t have access to a VoIP service, you’ll probably need to sign up for one. If you were expecting a phone line-based phone then this is not for you.


The decision to buy the MeetingPoint phone ultimately comes down to whether it’ll work well with your current set-up. If you have had great experiences with other Snom phones and you use them extensively in your local system, then the MeetingPoint will probably be for you. However, you may want to skip it if you are using other phone brands or only have to service small conference calls.